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What is Metaverse and what is it for?

It is very easy to confuse Metaverse and virtual reality, because in essence these two technologies have many similarities. Both use avatars, which are the representation of a person in a computer-created world. Both make use of special glasses to provide total immersion in the virtual scenario. But perhaps the main difference between these two technologies is that, while virtual reality, such as Second Life, is simply a virtual environment created on computers, Metaverso goes further, employing technologies such as NFT, blockchain, sensors and simulators of sensations,, which allows a connection between the virtual world and the real world.

But to create all this, a high investment is required, and for this reason the projects with the greatest chance of success are those being developed by large companies. This is the case of Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram.

There is not much information about the pace of development, but considering the numbers released by the press, in the billions of dollars, it is possible to assume that it will be a really grandiose project, which will attract thousands of people interested in exploring this new universe.

But it takes more than that to keep your audience engaged. Offering a highly advanced virtual environment that truly connects people to each other is very interesting, but people tend to adhere to a novelty and then decrease their adherence, looking for other new things.

With all the knowledge acquired by Meta in all these years of social networks, it is possible to assume that, aware of this user behavior, they must be preparing a platform that is capable not only of offering an entirely new experience, but that is also prepared to allow that people can realize their creations.

The idea here is more or less like playing Minecraft. The player returns to the game many times and spends a lot of time interacting because he can not only visit what already exists, but he can also create. This is an aspect that attracts people, as it brings a sense of continuity.

Of course, in the metaverse it would be possible not only to create, but also to commercially enjoy creation. This must be the reason that is attracting so many companies to this virtual world, such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon and Accenture, among others.

Having a presence in the virtual world is being at the forefront of business, even more so if we assume that Meta (Facebook) is investing in something solid that will really work and captivate customers.

Imagine selling products in the metaverse, allowing customers to test their use even before closing the purchase (the product is then delivered to their homes). Or testing products yet to be launched, capturing customer perceptions in a way never seen before.

There are numerous possibilities for the metaverse. This technology is just beginning and many opportunities will arise for people who seek the necessary knowledge to work in this area, whether software developers, designers, computer engineers and many others. There will certainly be a large space that will hold many talents.

For all these reasons, we expect the metaverse to be a great opportunity for the development of new businesses and new technologies. Also, if the platform really succeeds, it will really be like building an entirely new world, and that will be work for many years to come.

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