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Usability - The Next Frontier of Cryptocurrencies

An elegant and easy-to-use interface is what will make cryptocurrencies gain more space as a payment method in world trade.

For those who started in Bitcoin around 2017, you must remember how difficult it was to carry out some operations through this technology. Many interfaces were built in line of code, similar to that of the Windows CMD. This type of interface is difficult for most people to handle, with the exception of information technology professionals and some enthusiasts of new technologies.

But the thing is, that time is behind us. More and more people seek to find out about cryptocurrencies and use them through wallets such as Metamask and Trust Wallet, among many others. make it easier for the public to carry out operations.

There are projects that are taking the lead, as is the case with some centralized exchanges and wallets such as Trust Wallet itself. But there are still many aspects to be improved, and this is not always within the reach of a single company.

For example, in the case of Trust Wallet, to add a new cryptocurrency or token to the watch list, just tap the plus button (see image below). A fairly large list of available projects will open, just change the switch to the “on” position and have the token in your personal listing. This meets most people's needs, but for very new projects you will need to do manual addition, and this requires knowing the smart contract number, something that is a little more difficult to do when it comes to users with little or no experience.

Despite these challenges, large projects and companies already established in the market have been working to make their interfaces easier to use, and this is essential for the market to continue to develop. Because the easier a new technology is to use, the more attractive it becomes to the public.

This article is not sponsored by any project, not even those mentioned, such as Metamask and Trust Wallet.

The tokens represented in the image are random examples and were not chosen by the Dealegear team. We do not make recommendations for projects or for the purchase or sale of assets.

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