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Industry 5.0

While Industry 4.0 is not yet a reality in most parts of the world, another concept is already emerging that may be just a buzz-word or may represent a trend for the coming decades: Industry 5.0.

It is undeniable that industry automation has reached impressive levels in recent years. Many tasks that were previously performed by people are now performed by automatic machines and robots. And it's not just tasks like drilling holes or soldering parts, but things like taking product samples off the assembly line and performing quality inspection. All this being done without the use of human labor. The impacts of this change are already being felt in large cities, which were previously considered the center of the best job opportunities.

There are those who deny this fact, claiming that machines do not cause unemployment and that people will find new opportunities in more qualified jobs. This statement is valid for a minority of workers, because most of them do not have the means to replace themselves in these highly qualified positions. After all, technology evolves much faster than most people's ability to adapt to these changes.

Considering this situation and also the rapid changes that have been taking place in the consumer market, the concept of Industry 5.0 emerged. Industry 5.0 is the union of the productive capacity of machines with the creative ability of people. The purpose of this synergy is to create products and services with a high degree of customization, and even create things that are really unique and, therefore, of great added value.

There is a market for this, both in the luxury goods segment and in products aimed at the broad consumer market. The point is that people, regardless of their income range, like unique products and services. It's a kind of return to the era of craftsmen and craftswomen.

These professionals, who did everything manually, were replaced by the machines of the industrial revolution, which could produce similar parts in large quantities. Perhaps now is the time for his return, making unique creations, using new technologies as a tool for his creations.

The concept of Industry 5.0 is very recent and there is still a long way to go before it becomes a reality in people's lives, but it is already a possible solution for the jobs that will possibly be lost because of Industry 4.0.

This is the effect of human creativity, always creating new products, services and also solutions to problems created by humanity itself.

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