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Building a brand

Some projects are really good. State-of-the-art technology, codes written with excellence, a motivated team and many dreams. All of that is great, but it's not enough to build a brand.

A brand needs a constant presence with the public, especially on social media. And if the question is “on which social networks?” the answer will be “in all of them” or “in almost all of them”.

Social networks

Each social network has an audience profile. Instagram is very focused on promoting the image, whether of a company or a person. And this is perfect for promoting your project by publishing content that highlights visual elements of your brand. Twitter is mostly used to disseminate short and objective opinions, and this is great for expressing the company's views on matters related to its core business. Twitch is the meeting point for gamers, and if your company has any relationship with this universe, even if minimal, posting content can help to strengthen your brand.

Running away from controversies or getting into them?

If you are building a project that aims to debate controversial issues and make it your mission, go ahead. But otherwise, avoid controversy and avoid saying negative things about other projects.

People criticize companies all the time, but they don't always tolerate companies doing that too. It is important to maintain an ethical posture, focusing on your business and promoting solutions for your customers. If the competitor makes a mistake, ignore it and focus on doing better what he wasn't able to do.

Customer service

Nothing is more irritating than looking for a solution to a problem and not finding an adequate communication channel with the company. This tends to detract from your image very quickly.

While you are building your project, also formulate the means by which customers can clarify doubts, make complaints and make suggestions. Start with a contact form and offer an FAQ. If you disclose an email address, try to respond to messages promptly (automatic response) and have one or more people trained to handle these messages. The same goes for social networks.

Building a brand is an ongoing activity

A brand needs to be constantly renewed, because brands age too. Be sure to pay attention to news on competitors' websites, social networks, new technology launches and everything else that can help keep your brand present in the market. Investing in marketing campaigns can be a good alternative to keep the brand's presence alive in the minds of your customers, and this doesn't just have to be done when a product is launched.

Furthermore, it is very important to act quickly to resolve problems as soon as they arise. Problems can be caused by a bad strategy, a poorly trained employee, and even a disloyal competitor. Whatever the origin, it's important to deal with it quickly, whether it's releasing a public statement on the website or making insertions on social networks.

Finally, a message for those who are just starting to build their brand. Do not give up! Building a brand takes a long time, but hard work always pays off. Many of the world's most famous brands also had humble beginnings, but their creators persisted, as did their successors. Because, in some cases, this build can take more than one generation to complete.

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